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Extraction Reversal Orthodontics to Improve Airway and Breathing

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This patient flew from out of state for premolar extraction reversal. Prior orthodontics had involved extraction and retraction, which adversely affected both her airway and her jaw joint. Custom sagittal appliances with Hang Clasps were used to re-open the premolar spaces. Braces were used to parallel the roots and align the teeth. The deep bite resolved as a natural consequence of the treatment to advance the anterior teeth. The upper and the lower arches were also expanded. Deliberate myofunctional therapy was also a part of the plan. Implants were placed in the extraction sites and teeth were placed on the implants. The benefits included: 1. Increased tongue space, which allowed easier breathing and sleeping. CPAP is no longer necessary. 2. The smile is broader and more attractive. 3. The mandible had been entrapped posteriorly before treatment, but the advancement of the upper anterior teeth allowed it to position more forward and relieve the entrapment. 4. The patient reported, "My quality of life has improved significantly. I have good energy and overall good health."

Extraction Reversal Ortho

Before Extraction Reversal

After Extraction Reversal

Lower Arch Extraction Reversal

Lower Before

Lower After

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