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What Is Orthotropics?

Orthotropics is a type of dentistry focused on correcting a misaligned bite by improving oral and head posture. Orthotropics can help children with malocclusions achieve a most natural and balanced facial appearance. The cutting-edge techniques used in orthotropics can also reduce patients' risk of developing sleep apnea by bringing forward the jaws to create a stronger, larger airway. While adults cannot be treated specifically with Orthotropics, we can apply principles of Orthotropic treatment to ensure adults have the best possible dental health. To find out if Orthotropics can benefit your children, schedule an appointment at Life Dental & Orthodontics.

How Is Orthotropics Performed?

In the first phase, or the preparation phase, orthotropics aims to expand the upper jaw to make room for the tongue. Once the arch has been widened and lightened, the training phase will begin. During this phase, an oral appliance may then be recommended to push the bottom jaw forward in order to properly align the bite. The final phase is known as the retention phase where we will help determine the best way to retain the new position of the jaw, typically through a dental appliance that is worn at night.

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Orthotropics for A Misaligned Bite

Though malocclusion can also be addressed through surgical procedures or orthodontics, we are excited to offer this nonsurgical alternative to improve jaw development and to correct misaligned teeth in growing children. If you are seeking a solution to effectively address facial or jaw discrepancies in your children, Orthotropics may be an ideal option. Call Life Dental & Orthodontics in Walnut Creek, CA to schedule your Orthotropics consultation today.

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