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What Are Dental Sealants?

Grooves on the premolars and molars usually harbor more germs and tartar, often making them more vulnerable to cavities. Dental sealants, a primary part of preventive dentistry, can safeguard the molars from cavities caused by decay. These thin protective sealants are composed of a transparent or white liquid that is applied to the chewing surfaces of the permanent molars. When they're bonded, dental sealants help protect these teeth and create a more even surface that is easier to maintain. Dental sealants placed at Life Dental & Orthodontics not only stop cavities, but they could also decrease your family's needs for tooth-colored fillings or other restorative services in the future. Don't hesitate to discuss the benefits of dental sealants with us at your routine dental cleanings at our Walnut Creek, CA facility. 

What Is the Sealant Process?

Prior to treatment, we will need to assess the teeth to decide if dental sealants are an ideal treatment for you or your family. To get your mouth ready for dental sealants, a professional on our team will clean the teeth to eliminate any buildup, food debris, and bacteria from the crevices. The enamel is then dried, and a fine coat of sealant material will be placed uniformly into the rifts with a small brush. A curing light will be set over the tooth; this will strengthen the sealant coating in roughly 10 – 20 seconds. Once each sealant is in position, our professionals will assess your bite for alignment and provide you with tips about how to effectively care for your dental sealants.

I want to give a shout-out to Rachel, who is an amazing hygienist. I have been with Life Dental for many years, long before the name of the practice changed. I have been treated by many hygienists over the years, all really wonderful, and Rachel is #1 on my ‘top 10’ list. She is thorough and extremely efficient - a super smart and skilled hygienist. Rachel takes time to get to know her patients - she remembers highlights in my life that she will ask me about at my next appointment, and she exhibits genuine interest. She is a thoughtful and caring person, and a true professional. In general, all services, from the front office to dental care provided by Life Dental are exemplary and I can’t recommend this dental practice more highly.

N.G. Google

So glad to be working with LD&O. World class facility. Friendly staff. Top notch technologies. Great communications. Innovative approach. Cutting edge thinking. Thank you.

P.T. Google

So glad to be working with LD&O. World class facility. Friendly staff. Top notched technologies. Great communications. Innovative approach. Cutting edge thinking. Thank you.

P.T. Google

I took my young boys to Life dental & Orthodontics because they were airway focused and that was really important for a family! We were mostly helped with Katie the RDA and she was so great with the boys made everything fun and super patient with them. I also really appreciated how in-depth Dr. Hockel explained everything to myself and our kids. My boys can get easily overwhelmed and he had such gentle and calm energy throughout the whole process! I really appreciated that! Highly recommend this team! :) Jessie at the front desk is also super helpful and sweet!

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Life Dental has an excellent Dental staff! Everyone is friendly & accommodating. Please consider Life Dental & Orthodontist for your next visit.

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Effective Protection from Tooth Decay

Protect against cavities and help your loved ones maintain glowing, hygienic smiles for years to come. Sealants are a reliable, efficient, uncomplicated service at Life Dental & Orthodontics that can also decrease the need for future dental restorations and pave the way for improved oral health. Decide if sealants are right for you or your kids by scheduling an appointment with us at our Walnut Creek, CA practice today.

At what age should you get sealants?

Sealants can be placed in patients of all ages. However, they are often most beneficial when the permanent first and second molars fully emerge into the mouth, as these teeth are more prone to developing cavities. The first molars typically erupt around age six, and the second molars generally erupt around age 12.

How long do sealants last?

With proper care at Life Dental & Orthodontics in Walnut Creek, CA, dental sealants may last for several years. But they can, at times, fall off or chip away. Dr. Hockel will evaluate your child’s sealants at each of their dental checkup visits. If a sealant is missing, it is generally a quick and easy process to replace it.

Can sealants be placed over cavities?

Offering cavity protection, sealants are designed to cover the portions of the teeth most susceptible to tooth decay, which are the chewing surfaces. Sealants usually are not an option for treating tooth decay. However, in some cases, a sealant may be applied to a tooth that is showing very early signs of decay to help protect it from further damage.

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